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Yolanda Nichole Solutions partners with mission-driven business and community leaders who desire to plan and execute a new business or project in an efficient manner as soon as possible. We’ll team up with you and provide the accountability you need to achieve your best results. We will be your cheerleader AND ask you the tough questions to ensure you are on the right path to accomplish your mission.


Our wide expertise

Discover the areas we can support your team with past lessons learned, best practices, and current trends that are a good fit.


Discover details about your market to know how to standout in the crowd and convince your customers to choose you.


Ensure your processes are optimized and the team has all the resources necessary for a positive outcome.


Pursue the right goals and objectives to drive your business, marketing, and other priorities closer to your aspirations.


Support the mission by filling gaps the board and staff do not have the capacity to handle. Board governance, financial planning, executive hiring and performance management are a few topics of expertise.


Our Approach


We start with a survey and brief meeting to understand the current state of your business and learn what it will take for you to transition to a new level. At this stage, you will certainly experience a-ha moments and quick wins.

Strategic planning

Our next phase involves creating goals and objectives for a set period of time that take you closer to your aspirational state with respect to required resources and current capacity.

Execute & Monitor

Finally, we will collaborate with your team to execute the strategy that will take your company to new heights. Your deliverables will include a final report to support retaining institutional memory.

From Our Founder

Why Now is the Best Time

It finally took finding an idea I was passionate about and could easily share with others – even better than I shared myself – because I fully believed in it as a solution to a major problem.

Now I fully believe it’s time for you to take a serious step towards launching a company this year. You already have an interest in business and understand the benefits of it for your lifestyle and those connected to you… the FREEDOM it represents.


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