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This website offers resources for entrepreneurs, business and community leaders who have a strong desire to share their passions and contribute their talents to the world in meaningful ways best suited for them.

 Do you feel overwhelmed with all the things you want to do but continue feeling like you don’t…
  • know which idea to choose first
  • know the first step to take to just get started (or the next step, or the next step)
  • have enough time to focus on creating a plan
  • get enough self/family-care because of the time you are putting into business-building

After taking advantage of the resources on this website, you will be less overwhelmed and more confident about your connection to your work.

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Yolanda Brown, MBA

I'm Yolanda Brown, an entrepreneur and single parent who's passionate about seeing anyone who wants to have and lead meaningful work while maintaining peace and clarity professionally and personally (and time to play too). This website and blog is my internet office.

As an entrepreneur who has spent time in Corporate America and non-profits, became a Mom, and wanted to own a business as well as continue giving to my community, I have experienced overwhelm in these areas and more. When I went through the school of hard knocks through job, marriage and home losses while raising two small sons, I continued to have the desire to "not put all my eggs in one basket" and "create multiple streams of income" but wasn't sure what the best way to start was for me. I have been a business consultant, written business advice in numerous publications and founded or led many programs to support people take the lead in their professional or personal lives.

It took me a while to even understand what to truly put my energy towards for meaningful work... but I finally got it.

Over time, I have grown the confidence to change my overwhelm into productivity with peace and sanity.

If you can relate to wanting any of the above, this is an online sanctuary made just for you.

I am dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs through the start-up and growth of their companies.

With business lessons, challenges, resources and inspiration shared via content on the blog and newsletter, you can start or grow a company or community project. Business information and advice is presented in a concise and actionable way to not only give you the reason something is important, but also how to get it done with respect to the minimal amount of time you presently have.

Expect to gain knowledge and resources from this website to help you and your company strengthen and grow in:

  • Entrepreneurism - entrepreneurship and lessons for it can be found in everything. I share the ones I see in this category.
  • Entrepreneur Profiles - historic and current business lessons from entrepreneurs of diverse areas of business.
  • Parenting - as a single parent, I have been intentional in the exposure and experiences my boys have so they grow up to be happy, educated, and balanced young men. This can be a struggle as a single mom entrepreneur with various interests of my own. I share my experiences here.
  • Relaxation & Play - It's been my experience that it's extremely important to have time for play and relaxation to recharge and have success in your business.

View this blog and community as a sanctuary for entrepreneurs to refresh, relax and release.

About Yolanda Brown, MBA

Photo by Satsuki "Sunshine" Scoville

Photo by Satsuki "Sunshine" Scoville

Yolanda Brown is Mom to these two, Founder/CEO & Play Strategist of Fun Spaces, Inc, former Chair of the Board of Directors for Urban Ministries of Durham and hopefully your next source of inspiration. She has coached and consulted entrepreneurs since 2003. She has directly helped over 100 entrepreneurs across the Southeast U.S. by writing and developing business plans, marketing plans, commercial loan packaging, MWBE application packaging and much more. She began blogging in 2005 and freelance business writing in 2010 which has impacted many more entrepreneurs across the country. She earned an MBA from UNC's Kenan-Flagler Business School and professional certifications from Dartmouth College, U.S. Minority Business Development Agency and National Development Council.

After starting a family, she realized how important it was to pursue her own entrepreneurial dream (beyond consulting) to leave a legacy for her children. Now as a single mother to two fast-growing boys, she created a vision for having multiple streams of income including a portion from online business. She enjoys being an entrepreneurship cheerleader and founded this website as an outlet to share her business expertise in a more flexible and wide-reaching platform than one-on-one consulting could offer.

You can contact Yolanda directly through the contact page. Also connect on Twitter @yolandanichole, Facebook and Instagram.

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