Works In Progress

Fun Spaces – When I was trying to decide on a tangible business to pursue, I thought about everything from activities I enjoyed while I was young to problems I now experience in my daily life. I remembered enjoying going to a drop-in child care center when I was young and enjoying it every time. It was a practical babysitting choice for a young military family.  I thought this would be a great business concept even today and one I plan to scale globally.

It’s current form is mobile as an event childcare provider. We encourage play – for children and adults. We are considering evolving to include more complex children’s programming centered on play for small events like children’s birthday parties and large events like festivals.

WebsitesCardinal Rules and Adventures in Single Parenting give resourceful content on two topics that are near and dear to me – entrepreneurship and parenting, respectively. I’m considering an overhaul for both to focus on the resourcefulness of the entire site, beyond just the blog.

Information Products – I have so much to contribute through e-books on the topics of my websites. I have plans to release 6 books by 2014 and they are all outlined already. I will post links on this site once they are available with plans for availability on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online marketplaces.


My life vision is to support the self-sufficiency of communities by influencing thousands of people to embrace entrepreneurship and community investment.  My expertise in small business, shared value, social entrepreneurship and business public policy will factor heavily in my ability to persuade others on the benefits of pursuing small business ownership as a way to live a life by self-design, empower others in their communities and leave a lasting legacy. I will continue to grow this expertise by continuous learning and research to include pursuing a Ph.D. in business or public policy.

Throughout this, I will be a loving, dedicated mother, daughter, sister, aunt and extended family member. I will support my family as they grow to become their authentic selves, pursue their hopes and leave their personal legacies that will carry our entire family to higher heights.

I will do all of this through Christ who loves and strengthens me, provides mercy and favor, and only asks that I love others and walk in obedience to His will.

Additional Interests

I enjoy sharing what I know and cheering others along as they pursue their dreams. I am a lifelong cheerleader, fortunate to have the training for identifying problems and offering multiple solutions to clean them up. Social enterprise/social entrepreneurship has been an interest for many years although I am much more attracted to the idea of “shared value” – this is the concept that best matches my attraction to even learn about business. The idea that companies include the environment, infrastructure, population and other factors of the community in which they live as they grow is near and dear to my purpose and part of what I want to support companies in doing as part of my mission.

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