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As a parent, I have been intentional in the exposure and experiences I share with my sons so they will grow up to be happy, educated, and balanced young men. This can be a struggle as a single mom and entrepreneur with various interests of her own. I share my experiences here.

Visit the New Smithsonian Museum
The National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) was a treat my family couldn’t get enough of. I highly recommend visiting when you get a chance. Even better, make it a two-day affair. There is SO MUCH to take in and that’s hard to do in a few hours. I won’t call the museum perfect but it is an awesome start and a welcome addition as a new national treasure. Exciting Surprise?!?Free Tickets To The […]

Our Day At The New Smithsonian Museum

This is a throwback post from 2009. Still relevant these days. Enjoy! This week, my two-year old son received some new puzzles. He loves puzzles but has always just played with the pieces without really concentrating on putting them together. Well, with the new puzzles, we worked with him to actually put the pieces together and complete them. We did not put any pieces together for him, however we encouraged him to look at the […]

Business Planning Through the Eyes of a Child

Back to School - School Choice 2
By the time I finished with EJ’s elementary school search, my mom was very surprised it was so complicated. She reminisced on the days when kids simply went to their assigned school. Because of MY experience with that, I had to check out the choices available to my son for his school experience. This post was originally written in 2012 on my old single parenting blog. I’m sharing here as since it was one of […]

School Choice in Durham – My Research & Application Process