One thing I know is how refreshing and empowering taking the time to diversify life including time to relax or using both sides of our brains. First and foremost I am charged with shaping and growing two young souls. I take that very seriously and am doing what I can to make sure my boys grow up as well-rounded young men and always knowing they are loved.

My mission in life, which directs everything I do (or don’t do) is:

To leave a legacy which will enrich the lives of others in my community, to bring my community closer to prosperity, using my God-given talents and spiritual gifts – all to magnify the glory of God and edify his kingdom.

Volunteering: I feel an obligation to give to whatever community I am a part of. I enjoy giving and fully see public service in my future. You can find more information about this on my community page.

Traveling: I love to discover and experience new places probably residual from traveling so much as a child. I have visited all states east of the Mississippi River except Maine and several states west. My out of country travel has been limited to Canada, South Africa and the Bahamas but I plan more for me and my family. I enjoy experiencing other cultures and want my children to experience it while they are young.

Baking: I love sweets and what better way to experience them than to make them. I enjoy experimenting with ingredients to create a treat we all enjoy. I plan to bake a new dish every month for the rest of the year and take a baking class some time in the future. My favorites are peanut butter and chocolate chip brownies, banana pudding and red velvet cake. It’s for this reason, I’ve discovered a new favorite…

Exercising: I’ve exercised more this year than ever before in my life. Aging and motherhood have taken their toll on me so I’m fighting back. I have taken up running, pilates and a bootcamp-like class with a mission to gain more energy and get in shape. Occasionally I Zumba or workout with my kids on our Wii.

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