This is a throwback post from 2009. Still relevant these days. Enjoy!

This week, my two-year old son received some new puzzles. He loves puzzles but has always just played with the pieces without really concentrating on putting them together. Well, with the new puzzles, we worked with him to actually put the pieces together and complete them.

We did not put any pieces together for him, however we encouraged him to look at the box and make the patterns fit, or make sure pieces are joining in the right spots. Sometimes, he got frustrated because he tried to putting pieces together, one at a time, but would have a hard time figuring out what was next.

Finally, I saw him put a few pieces together here, a few pieces together there, and ultimately join the sections to create a complete puzzle.

This reminded me of when entrepreneurs attempt to write business plans or simply start a company.

There are several different puzzles out there suggesting how to write a business plan. People try to follow the pieces step by step but get so frustrated and overwhelmed when they find themselves stuck on a problem.

Honestly, they can put together a section here, then another section there and ultimately, it will all come together.

Additionally, just because you have not completed a written business plan, does not mean you have to wait to open your doors. Pursue business in the way you know with the resources you have access to while putting together a plan for the next few years of business.

Like I told my two-year-old son:

  • Look at the patterns to discover what fits.
  • Try different pieces to see if they fit together; if they don’t, put a piece down and try another.
  • Put the pieces together that fit and do not be ashamed to do this a section at a time.
  • Join the sections together to complete your puzzle (or business, product, or service).
  • Just be patient.

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