Work With Yolanda


Let’s Work Together

I’m working with business and community leaders who want to plan and execute a new business or project in an efficient manner as soon as possible.

I’ll partner with you on your next business move including the accountability you need to do your best at achieving your desired results.

I will be your cheerleader AND ask you the tough questions to ensure you are on the right path.

Get quicker results in a shorter period of time by devoting attention to one goal at a time.

We can begin with a Discovery Call, a 45 minute guided phone discussion about your needs and curated options you have to address them.

Schedule A Discovery Call

After your Discovery Call, schedule your Strategy Session, a 90 minute guided discussion, via phone or video call, to review tools and techniques you can implement to place you on an optimal path to reach your goals.

Finally, to give you a push through implementation of your strategy, schedule Accountability Calls. These are weekly 15 minute phone or video calls to review progress, and provide clarity or additional guidance towards achieving your goals. I recommend scheduling four to five calls at once for the least interruption of your current track.

After your Discovery Call, you will have the opportunity to schedule future Strategy Sessions and Accountability Calls for this project.


I am accepting VIP Day clients for dedicated full and half day intensives. We will work together to plan out the next phase of your business over a one-on-one video call.

A few things we can do during this intensive include:

  • Targeted brainstorming
  • Define goals and objectives
  • Develop a timeline plan of action with milestones and measures of success
  • Target multiple income streams with recommended tools to suceed
  • Plan your next launch
  • Develop a succession plan
  • Create your business strategy for the next year, 6 months or quarter.

We can discuss over a discovery call to see if this is the best next step for our work together.