The Entrepreneur Work Schedule – A Proven Secret to Success

Do you have time to be an entrepreneur?

As entrepreneurs, it’s so important to have dedicated time set aside to doing the work of building your business. Having no time is a common reason people give for not going into business.

Do you have time for work and life?

Given the many, varied responsibilities of taking care of:

  • home
  • family
  • self
  • current work
  • hobbies
  • community service
  • all the other STUFF

it’s not a wonder why entrepreneurs especially believe they don’t have enough time.

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Deciding to choose time for developing and growing your business idea can make a world of difference in the amount of time you have for business activities. With product development, marketing, servicing your product and customers, administrative tasks, more marketing, accounting, strategic planning, and much much more, finding the time to get it all done just for the business alone can be a challenge.

So, out of the 168 hours we all have each week, how much time can you dedicate to your business?

Here’s a table to consider what that time looks like percentage-wise:

Percent Time

Hours per week

Daily (over 7 days)

Daily (over 5 days)


1.7 (100 minutes) 14 minutes 20 minutes
5% 8.4 1.2 1.7
10% 16.8 2.4 3.4
20% 33.6 4.8 6.7
25% 42 6 8.4

With that, do you still believe you don’t have time? Full-time work is only 25% of your time each week.

10% of your total time is less than two and a half hours each day.

What do you typically accomplish in this amount of time each day?

What can you sacrifice?

Here are a few ideas to find time:

  • watch less TV
  • peruse social media (for non-business use) less
  • cut some phone calls short
  • eliminate inefficiencies in your daily life (unplanned shopping trips and meals,
  • cook meals for the week at one time and use the same ingredients for some meals (i.e. chicken and rice, chicken noodle soup, chicken pot pie, fried chicken… you get the point)
  • DELEGATE tasks you don’t really have to do (even if that means your kids get extra chores – they need more responsibility anyway, right?)
  • wake up an hour earlier
  • go to bed an hour later
  • step down from your leadership role in that one club you’ve wanted to step back from anyway
  • temporarily miss your Friday night out routine… only for a moment while you build
  • so. much. more.

You don’t have to drop all of these activities completely, but reducing the time you dedicate towards each of them will give you an extra two, three or even four hours in a day => a worthy sacrifice while you build your business to a point you can hire people in roles to help you and earn some of the more fun activities back (if you want them).

That said, I’m one who does not believe there’s only one way to do something. Options are an exciting part of my life so I advocate for them in everyone else’s lives too.

Other ways to find more time include:

Pomodoro Technique: dedicate 20-30 minutes to concentrate on completing one task, then take a short break. Repeat this as a cycle for as long as you want to work on your business. This system creates more efficiency in your process because it discourages multi-tasking, a known issue for prolonging the COMPLETION of one task. This is especially helpful for writers and other creatives!

Eliminate Distractions: There are many people, places and things that are distractions for us. Now is the time to rid yourself of those so you can do something greater than you. This could be simply de-cluttering your space or spending less time with certain friends.

Just Say No: saying no to people has been a game-changer for me. I was once a person that said yes whenever I was asked to join a new committee, take on a new project, meet with another friend about a new business project, etc., etc., etc. As long as the world is turning, there will be shiny new objects that will attempt to enter your life. If you haven’t already, now is the time to hone down on what your priorities are and stay true to those. I can help you with that if you have not committed to your own priorities already.

Work Schedule: Assign your days and time to specific tasks just like you would in regular work. You can simply assign a theme for the day or dedicate specific hours in the day to specific tasks for your business. Sometimes getting into too much detail for how you spend your time can be too rigid. You can incorporate flexibility by simply noting the tasks you want to complete that day within a set of hours and crossing them off as you complete them.

Read how different successful entrepreneurs create the best routines for their lifestyles as company owners.

My gift to you: Entrepreneur Work Schedule Template

While developing the Launch Your Business Now 10 Day Challenge, I had to cut some material to make the challenge manageable. In doing that, I’ve decided to give you a sample of what you can expect including a template for you to adopt it yourself. Introducing the Entrepreneur Work Schedule…

Entrepreneur Work Schedule

You can use this blank template to create your own schedule for working on your business tasks. This is a fillable PDF so you can complete it using your laptop and conveniently refer to it while you’re in work mode on your phone or laptop. You can even convert your completed schedule into a jpg and make it your desktop or smartphone wallpaper.

With a hybrid of the techniques mentioned above, you can be well on your way to having time for work AND personal life.

You can download this template and more in our new CEO Resource Library. This space will be where all blog post upgrades from this site live and you get exclusive access as a member of our CEO community.

CEO Resource Library

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Share how you plan to find more time to entrepreneur in the comments below. Also let me know if you will be adopting the schedule.

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