When it comes to starting a business, if you’ve ever wondered

[fruitful_dbox] So many ideas… which one should I pursue first? [/fruitful_dbox]

you know you want to be an entrepreneur and start a new company, but have so many ideas that interest you today…

Things can get overwhelming… so much that you may decide not to pursue anything.

How about I help you with another way to look at things  😀 I’m sharing what I wish I knew when I was going through this process. First, consider these ways of breaking down your options.

List your business ideas in a free worksheet I created just for you to support you on this journey to be an entrepreneur. [copy to your Google Drive or download]


Business ideas you should NOT pursue right now (in no particular order)

  1. Interesting but unfamiliar. You are really excited about a topic, but you aren’t very familiar with any of the ins and outs nor are you connected to anyone who is strong in the topic to partner with or even ask for support from. The time to ramp up your knowledge in this may be too much for now.
  2. Doesn’t excite you. You have a strong skill but with no excitement behind it. Unpack the reasons why you feel this way but don’t immediately jump in to pursue using the skill on behalf of others. It will be like pulling teeth!
  3. No experience or interest whatsoever. So you have heard healthcare (for example) is the best field to go into NOW. But you have no interest, education, experience or pull towards healthcare or anything related to it. The learning curve is too high to go into this type of business right now.
  4. Not your dream… someone else’s. Your favorite friend has a great idea for a company and wants to partner with you. You are the organized one out of the two of you, but you have absolutely no interest in that business. Do you want to keep putting your dreams on the back burner for someone else?
  5. Conflicting visions. You have another friend who has an interesting business idea that you want to be a part of. Then you hear how he insists on executing the idea, a plan which is out of alignment with how you want it to be done or even with who you are.

Although these scenarios could be considered at another time, now is not the time if you want to get started quickly.

Write down all business ideas you have a remote interest in. You never know how life and interests will change later.

Flesh those business ideas out when you get a chance… which is not now.

 Business ideas you SHOULD pursue right now (in no particular order)

  1. Align with your strengths. We all have strong talents or interests in something. It could be your love for gluten-free desserts or the accounting you can do in your sleep. Identify the top strengths requested by your family and friends.
  2. Make your heart flutter. You know the kind of excitement you get when you mesh with someone new. Or, you achieve something you’ve worked really hard for. Sometimes we get that same feeling when we come up with the greatest business idea. Journal that excitement and return to it when business gets hard.
  3. Scare you. The greatest business ideas for you will scare you out of the gate. You may even try to talk yourself out of doing it because you think it’s too big. Lean into the fear! Write down your fears and address ways to mitigate them.
  4. Create change you desperately want to see. So many great companies were created out of frustration from encountering everyday problems. Even issues that come up at your regular job can inspire in this way. Think of problems you and people close to you tackle all the time. Describe how you would solve those problems. Bonus points if a product or service exists but you can think of a different way of delivering it.
  5. Fit your entire being. We are given one chance to do this thing called life. Let’s try not to make it harder than it necessary. My suggestion: work in a way that fits best with who you are (i.e. fits your mission, purpose, values). Judge anything you want to do within those parameters.
Pursue business ideas that create change you desperately want to see. Share on X

At the end of the day, the best way to go into business now when you have a hundred ideas is to just choose one (or two) already and get started! Make sure your choice works for you and your support network so you can serve your community with your gifts and with minimized stress.

This free worksheet will help you track all of your ideas AND rank them so you can better evaluate and prioritize which business idea to pursue now.


Keep track of the rest for later, especially if they present a natural flow from the idea that you choose now.  Once you get your first idea flowing with a good foundation and team, pursue the next big, interesting idea on your list.

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