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Back to School - School Choice 2
By the time I finished with EJ’s elementary school search, my mom was very surprised it was so complicated. She reminisced on the days when kids simply went to their assigned school. Because of MY experience with that, I had to check out the choices available to my son for his school experience. This post was originally written in 2012 on my old single parenting blog. I’m sharing here as since it was one of […]

School Choice in Durham – My Research & Application Process

Choose One Business Idea Today
When it comes to starting a business, if you’ve ever wondered you know you want to be an entrepreneur and start a new company, but have so many ideas that interest you today… Things can get overwhelming… so much that you may decide not to pursue anything. How about I help you with another way to look at things  😀 I’m sharing what I wish I knew when I was going through this process. First, […]

How To Choose One Business Idea To Build Now

fraudulent behavior for dolezal
In this episode of Leadership Gone Wrong… Fraudulent behavior explained: I’m not into name-calling so it’s hard for me to straight call someone a FRAUD but exhibiting fraudulent behavior – I’m all in. Just like I don’t call children “bad children” but will instead say “you are making bad decisions” or “you are doing bad behavior.” This is me being a good example for my kids who may read this some day:-) This story is several […]

My Thoughts on Fraudulent Behavior

 I love Malcolm Gladwell’s ideas and work. He is a positive and persuasive force in the world of business. But I had to take a break off his train when he came for John Paulson and his $400 million gift to Harvard. Here are my thoughts, in bullets! If a person wants to give a donation of any size to his alma mater, a school who helped shape who he is and contributed to his […]

My Thoughts On Malcolm Gladwell’s Thoughts