Launch Your Business Now 10 Day Challenge

Create the tools to launch your business in 2019

I hope you’ve read the few reasons I presented as why NOW is the time to launch your business idea. To PROVE to you that you can do it now, I’m inviting you into a FREE challenge!

launch your business now 10 day challenge

The Launch Your Business Now 10 Day Challenge directly addresses the reasons many entrepreneurs say they can’t start a company with daily actions to prove that you can. Just give yourself a devoted 30 minutes (or less) each day and you will complete this FREE challenge with 15 items that will give you a strong foundation for opening the doors of your new company THIS year!

Join this free challenge to receive:

  • Assigned tasks every day for ten days to create the basic elements of what will help you launch a new business now
  • Worksheets, templates and/or scripts to help you directly tackle each task without feeling too overwhelmed
  • Access to a group of like-minded entrepreneurs for support accomplishing your business goals
  • Daily inspiration to motivate your success at launching a new business now




It’s time to debunk some myths about going into business. We tell ourselves these ideas – excuses really – to keep us from being what we are really best suited to do – BE ENTREPRENEURS. What’s an entrepreneur you may ask? That’s a complicated question. One of the oldest definitions of entrepreneurship is “the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled” by Dr. Howard Stevenson at Harvard Business School.

Honestly many people have their own spin on how to define entrepreneurship and what an entrepreneur truly does. Then you have the different terms that people have co-opted to share how they describe how they entrepreneur (e.g. legalpreneur, mompreneur, infopreneur, authorpreneur, etc, etc).

The best thing you can do is understand what it means to YOU and go do that.

Frankly, so many of us hold ourselves back from becoming committed entrepreneurs because of reasons we tell ourselves that we wouldn’t be good at it. These self-limitations do nothing but keep us from sharing with the world what we are already gifted to share. I know it doesn’t help when others who are close to us but don’t fully understand what we want to do, repeat the self-imposed limits we’re already have on replay in our heads.

Reasons Given for Not Starting a Business

I know this so well because I’ve been on the receiving end… on more than one occasion.

It is so easy to fear starting a business and these thoughts give us permission to hold on to the fear. It’s actually okay to be afraid and I see it as a sign that you are on the right path. Don’t let fear hold you back from bringing your gifts to the world…

There is no need to wait to launch a business.


You have everything you need to get started now.


This challenge is for you if:

  • you want to own a business but you don’t right now
  • you have procrastinated on starting a business because you don’t think you’re ready
  • you want to explore a new business idea but don’t believe you have the tools needed to get started
  • you own a company and want to grow with a new product or service but don’t believe you have capacity
  • you work in a traditional job and want to venture out on your own but don’t believe you have the time to do it
  • you struggle with any of the reasons for not starting mentioned above

In this challenge, you will:

  1. Focus to create the time you need to launch your business
  2. Choose people to support you in your business, even as a solopreneur… some at no cost to you
  3. Develop a lean roadmap and strategy to have your company ready to open doors to customers as soon as possible
  4. Realize you don’t need a million dollars today to begin operating your business now
  5. Get paid based on the value you bring to your clients


This challenge is not for the faint-hearted. You will complete the following tasks:

Launching ChecklistFeel free to share this challenge with others and get through the tasks with more support. Recruit some accountability partners to go through it with you so you can win together!

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